Our Implementation Team

Each of our implementation team members have been chosen for being experts in their field, and also their ability to create a life of intention in all they do and everyone they come in contact with. 

What does a Systems Strategist Do? 

They connect all the systems for your business, software, hardware, the processes of on-boarding a client, the process of doing the client work (or project management), how you support your business and the time and effort that goes into providing your services.  They are able to take a step back and then dive into all the dirt and find the best most profitable and efficient ways to do all the work. 

This in turn allows you to not spend time buried under the tasks of running your business but in those that create revenue for your business.

Web & Logo Design:

Dubsado Expert & Systems Strategy:

Web Design, Logo Design, Branding

Hello! My Name is Lindsey, and I am a graphic and web designer. I’ve been designing for more than half of my life, and nothing makes me happier than helping fellow entrepreneurs up-level their business through design. I believe you can have a thriving business you love- the real challenge is figuring out how to be visually unforgettable online. 

Dubsado, Systems Strategy, Business Strategy, Project Management

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I understand how paralyzing it is to have so much to do you don’t even know where to start. But nobody ought to feel overrun by their own business! I want to help entrepreneurs, just like you, bring order to their chaos through systematized processes. If you’re tired of feeling disorganized and frazzled, it’s time to take action!

Content Creation & Social Media:

Public Relations & Strategic Marketing: Bethany

Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Social Media Management

Hello! I am Brittney and am a content creator and social media strategist who helps ambitious entrepreneurs build a thriving social media presence! With over five years of studying and experience in marketing, I specialize in content marketing including social media management, ghostwriting and blogging. 

Brittney is our AWARD winning content creator! 
PR, public relations, marketing, marketing strategy, marketing strategist, agency, business strategy

Hello, I’m Bethany!  I am an award-winning public relations/marketing professional with more than 20 years’ experience.  I’m a former director of media relations for one of the largest global public relations firms and thrilled to bring big agency experience to small and mid-size businesses.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients across several industries – beauty, economic development, B2C, retail, hospitality, power management, biomedical, healthcare, oil and gas, legal services, financial services, insurance, architectural services, industrial and offshore IT consulting – and securing media coverage on national, trade and local levels.  From strategic media relations to events to programmatic development, I look forward to helping you tell your unique story in a holistic way to support your business objectives!

Podcast, Course & YouTube VA:

VA & Translation Services:

VA, virtual assistant, youtube, video production, content creation, email marketing

 Hey there, I’m Krysta! 

On a resume, I’m a marketer by trade with years of corporate experience but I realized quickly I was much better off in the entrepreneurial world where I could let creativity flow!  On a more personal level, I’m a ‘cream with a little coffee’ lover, a sucker for a new salad dressing, and an avid animal lover! I have owned 3 successful businesses and started my first when I was 18, so juggling all the things, while creating efficiencies, is my specialty!  After stepping into the marketing services world, I could never turn back.  There is honestly no better feeling than to see clients get tangible results, and see lives and businesses changed in the process.  Whether it’s a podcast you need run for you, social media services you want planned out for months in advance, or content written for your site or program, I am going to ensure you receive quality work and push you to achieve more than you expected you could.

VA Services, Social Media, Content Creation, Translation

Hello I’m Sharon! With over 25 years’ experience in customer service and entrepreneurship, I bring a varied wealth of knowledge to business owners and entrepreneurs like you who need an extra pair of hands to free you up to be the visionary you need to be. I am always curious, and I welcome the challenge of learning new software or applications and I’m a very quick learner and meticulous with details.

My skills include proofreading, social media management, fluency in Spanish and conversational in Swahili and a basic knowledge of many languages and I’m also knowledgeable in the foodie niche. I also write original blog or website content that is SEO optimized.

I’m a self-starter, internally motivated and I have a positive outlook on life. My exceptional people skills, motivation and ability to problem-solve, make me an ideal assistant for you to scale your business. I look forward to the opportunity to make your life easier.  

Web Design, Social Media Strategy, Communications: Karin

Project Management Intern:

Web Design, Social Media Strategy, Marketing, Communications

After almost two decades in corporate marketing and communications I decided it was time for my talent to shine outside Wall Street and help small businesses navigate the ins and out of social media marketing and web design. I help you finding or creating the perfect imagery, transcribe videos, design your logo and website, manage your content and translate documents (German/Spanish/English). I can help you get your time back and free you up so that you can run your business.

Project Management, Project Manager, Intern

Hi! I’m Anna, a 6th generation entrepreneur with a passion for helping small businesses thrive. After owning and operating a local business for 10 years, I discovered a desire for helping other business owners improve processes. As a project manager, I am thrilled to help your projects run efficiently and effortlessly while reaching for excellence. When I’m not busy brainstorming solutions, you can find me listening to podcasts or volunteering at local schools. I believe small businesses have the ability to make positive impacts in our world, and I want to help you get there.

The Members of our Executive Level Implementation Team have proven track records in both the Corporate and Small Business Sectors. As Executive Level Skill Providers they are highly sought after. 

Implementation Team Executive Level Skills


Marketing Strategy

Project Management

Social Media Strategy

SEO Optimization

Public Relations

Business Strategy

Business Audit

Build Out of Processes and Procedures

IT Services