Dubsado streamlines everything

 Dubsado is the most cost-effective CRM software we have found.


Every business needs to be using a CRM of some form to manage the administrative side of their business. No one loves invoicing or sending contracts (or trying to remember to do it) but it can be made easier through automation.  

Dubsado has been one of the most cost-effective CRM software we have found. We use it in our own company and we also recommend it to all of our clients (we even have an expert on our team!).

Here are just a few of the ways we have implemented Dubsado into our administrative workflows to streamline and simplify.

  1. The scheduler

When this was released, we all did a happy dance! We could drop another scheduling software we were using and now can see all client calls across the team through the dashboard. We are also able to streamline and organize our lead to client process as well. It’s cleaned up having all of this information spread out over 3 different platforms.

  1. Payment Reminders

It’s no secret that you can invoice from Dubsado, but it’s the automated payment reminders that make things so much easier. Gone are the days of having to manually follow-up on unpaid invoices! Dubsado complies your list of unpaid invoices and keeps a count on the dashboard for you but also will send reminders. You can even template your payment schedules with reminders to make invoice set up even easier. Saves us so much time!

  1. Workflows

Dubsado is famous for this one and we leverage this feature heavily. Protect your calendar by automatically sharing the link once the invoice has been paid. Kick off another workflow once a form is completed. You can automate an entire on and off boarding process or even a work order process. Whatever your automation crazed heart desires!

If you’re looking for a way to get a laundry list of administrative tasks off your plate in a platform that is easy to use, Dubsado is the way to go. We have helped so many clients streamline their operations through the use of this program. We love it and can’t wait to see what new features they add next!

If you would like help getting Dubsado setup properly, never hesitate to ask we have an amazing implementation team who specializes in Dubsado! Setup a Free consultation now to learn more! 


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