Danielle Ralston - CEO

Business Strategy, Marketing Strategy, CEO, Email Marketing, VA Services

I am the Sales, Creative, and Marketing or Right Side of the DG Marketing and Consulting brain. 

With over 15 years in marketing in the IT world, and in business development, and an additional 10 years as the CEO and Project Manager, I have the unique ability to see things from the C-suite perspective,  as well as the marketing/creative side of the world. 

Marketing 95%
Business Development 99%
Web Design 50%
Social Media Strategy 96%
Project Management 70%
Socia Media Management 99%
Spelling 25%
Live Music Expert 100%

Gina Lambert- COO

Project Manager, COO, OBM, Online Business Manager, Business Profits, Business Growth

I am the Project Management, Operations and Management or Left Side of DG Marketing and Consulting brain. 

With over 10 years in the Project Management and IT world and 3 years in the Digital Marketing world, I have a unique ability to see where a company is compared to where they want to go and how to build the map to get them there. 

Email Marketing 95%
Business Development 65%
Systems Strategy 98%
Project Management 95%
Hidden Profit Mapping 100%
Social Media Usage 30%
Bookworm 100%